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Name: Mr.Jason Wang
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MSN: szxlmc@hotmail.com Skype: Jasonalu info@kam-alu.com

About Us

KAMASIA ALUMINIUM LIMITED. is one of the biggest aluminum extruder and metal fabricator in South China. We have full production lines of extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, fabrication, assembling, etc. Our business includes raw material production, manufacturing, secondary fabrication like cut, drill, slot, maching, assembling, labling, packing, etc.We can provide both materials and finished products.
And now our main products are aluminum fabricated frames, panels for the anido and other electronic parts, tile trims and floor trims, stair nosing trims, aluminum brackets for the solar panel support system, aluminum brackets and clamps for the industry, aluminum frames and Rods for the LED lamps, fabricated heat sinks, aluminum handles for the cabinets and icebox, etc.


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MSN: szxlmc@hotmail.com  Skype: Jasonalu